Lotteria's "Advantageous Side dish" series
"Advantageous side dish" for To go appears in Lotteria

Two new types will be available for a limited time from the Lotteria To go "special side dish" series. "Lotteria fish fry (3 pieces & tartar sauce)" "Lotteria chicken fried (5 pieces & tartar sauce)". Handling from May 23 to mid-July.

As the number of dining opportunities at home increases, you can easily take home the taste of Lotteria and enjoy it, making it easier to arrange according to your taste. This series is already on sale for a limited time until early September with "Lotteria shrimp cutlet (3 pieces & tartar sauce)".

Lotteria's "Advantageous Side dish" series
"Lotteria shrimp cutlet"

Combined with the fish fry and chicken fry added this time, the selling price of all three types is 500 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Lotteria fish fry

Lotteria's "Advantageous Side dish" series
"Lotteria fish fry"

The fish fry is made from Alaska pollack, which is a white fish, and the batter has two types of bread crumbs with different roughness and a unique spice added to the secret flavor. Three crispy fish patties with Lotteria original tartar sauce with egg yolk, chopped onions and mayonnaise.

Lotteria chicken fried

Lotteria's "Advantageous Side dish" series
"Lotteria chicken fried"

Fried chicken is 5 chicken patties with a crispy texture and Lotteria original tartar sauce, which is crispy fried chicken breast with a simple umami flavor based on ginger and garlic.

From May 23rd to August 31st, if you purchase two of Lotteria's "bucket" menus at once as a campaign, you will get a discount of 900 yen instead of the regular price of 1,000 yen.

In addition to the special side dish series of fish fries, chicken fries, and shrimp cutlets, "from bucket potatoes", "from bucket chicken", and "bucket potatoes" are eligible.

Lotteria's "Advantageous Side dish" series
(Left) "From a bucket of potatoes" (Middle) "From a bucket of chicken" (Right) "From a bucket of potatoes"

As a general rule, the special side dish series is handled at Lotteria nationwide, but some stores are not eligible. It will not be sold at "Saitama Super Arena Store", "Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS Store", "ZOZO Marine Stadium Store", "Ueno Park Lueno FS Store", "Ginza Crystal Building Store, Kobe Harborland Store". In addition, we recommend that you check the Lotteria official website for details such as store business days and hours.