Matsunoyani To go limited "Bulk buying family series"

At each Matsunoya and Matsunoya store, To go limited "Popular side dish 3 types set", "Deca Sheng side dish 3 types set" and "Popular bowl 3 types set" will be on sale from 15:00 on September 30 (some) Except for stores).

"Bulk buying family series" where you can buy delicatessen and bento at a great price. This time, "Mega Chicken Katsushi", which is 200g (7.05oz) of chicken thigh fried, will be introduced in the series.

The "Popular side dish set of 3 types", which is a set of the classic crispy crocodile, is available in two types: "loin and + straw and + large fillet" or "loin and + mega chicken and + large fillet". The price is 1,000 yen each (tax included, same below).

The "3 kinds of big side dish set", which is a set of sardines that are so voluminous that they stick out of the bowl, is 2 of "warajikatsu + mega chicken and + large fillet" or "warajikatsu + mega chicken and + loin and 2 pieces" A lineup of types. The price is 1,300 yen each.

"Popular bowl 3 kinds set" which is a set of big x mega combination bowl is "warajikatsudon + mega chicken katsudon + loin katsudon" or "warajikatsudon + mega chicken katsudon + parent and child sasami katsudon" Two types are available. The price is 1,600 yen each.

You can save up to 500 yen on the bulk purchase price. Use it when you want to prepare meals for your family and friends all at once.