Matsuya campaign
OK if you have rice

For those who want to buy only delicatessen because they have white rice, Matsuya has a "15-25% off side dish" campaign on April 16th, where you can get a 15-25% discount on single items such as beef plates and curry sauce at To go. It will be carried out from.

An initiative newly devised by Matsuya in response to the recent increase in demand for bento boxes. You can take home various single item menus that do not have rice as a side dish at a great price.

The target menu and the prices before and after the discount are as follows. All notations include tax.

Premium beef plate (300 yen → 230 yen)
Premium beef plate large serving (420 yen → 350 yen)
Premium green onion beef plate (410 yen → 340 yen)
Premium grated beef plate (400 yen → 330 yen)
Curry sauce (270 yen → 200 yen)
Stewed chicken curry sauce (470 yen → 390 yen)
Hamburger curry sauce (480 yen → 400 yen)
Kalbi grilled meat separately (460 yen → 390 yen)
Beef grilled meat separately (400 yen → 330 yen)
Pork roasted pork shoulder loin separately (400 yen → 330 yen)
Pork shoulder loin ginger single item (460 yen → 390 yen)
Brown sauce hamburger separately (400 yen → 330 yen)
Kimkar plate (420 yen → 350 yen)
Green onion salt pork shoulder loin plate (420 yen → 350 yen)
Grilled beef rice dish with plenty of meat (480 yen → 400 yen)
Bibin bowl plate (420 yen → 350 yen)

Prices will differ at stores that do not sell premium beef rice. Neither menu comes with miso soup, but you can purchase it separately for 60 yen.