Choose 5 Ootoya dishes for 1,200 yen "Side dish set"
"Side dish set" is on sale at Ootoya

At "Ootoya Rice Shop" where you can enjoy set meals, you can choose from 5 different menus and take home "Ootoya's side dish set" for sale. Vegetable menus such as "colored steamed vegetables," "sticky salad," and "potato salad" are also available.

The selling price is 1,200 yen (tax included). The menu is divided into 3 groups, "Side dish A", "Side dish B", and "Side dish C", and 2 types are selected from A and B, and 1 type is selected from C.

Choose 5 Ootoya dishes for 1,200 yen "Side dish set"
You can choose from a variety of menus

Side dish A includes the following.

・ Grated Tatsuda (6 pieces)
・ Sukeso cod and vegetable black vinegar sauce ・ Chicken and vegetable black vinegar sauce ・ Shigen pork loin tonkatsu ・ Bukkake grated udon ・ Colorful steamed vegetables ・ Chicken katsu

In addition, side dish B is as follows.

・ Vegetable black vinegar bean paste ・ Fried white fish (3 pieces)
・ Shimahokke salt-grilled (half body)
・ Deep-fried flavor (3 pieces)
・ Moromi chicken steak ・ Yakitori (6 pieces)
・ Grilled mackerel with salt (half body)

Finally, side dish C is as follows.

・ Sticky salad ・ Simmered soybeans and hijiki seaweed ・ Kinpira gobo ・ Red and white sesame sauce ・ Spinach with sesame seeds ・ Pumpkin croquette ・ Potato salad

It is also possible to choose two of the same dishes from groups A and B. In addition, each group A, B, and C has a vegetable menu, so you can put together vegetables.