At each Three F store, "Sandwich de side dishes" with bento ingredients and "Two kinds of ingredients onigiri" with two kinds of ingredients inside will be released on April 23.

One-handed, plenty of volume!
One-handed, plenty of volume!

"Sand de side dish" is a "one-handed" rice ball sandwiched between bento ingredients.

"Noribento" (250 yen) sandwiched between fried white meat and kinpira burdock, and "Menta fried chicken" (255 yen), which is a combination of fried chicken seasoned with ginger and garlic, spicy cod roe, and mayonnaise. Seeds are released.

On the other hand, "two kinds of ingredients onigiri" is a rice ball that is made by combining two kinds of ingredients and wrapping them in rice. You can enjoy two flavors of "harmony" in your mouth.

Two types of "bonito radish & shiso takana" (125 yen) and "mentaiko & egg soboro" (140 yen) will be on sale.

* All listed prices include tax