Fukuya "Mentaiko Natto Furikake Nebapiriri

Fukuya Mentaiko N

atto Furikake


Fukuya sells Mentaiko Natto Furikake Nebapiriri, which uses sesame flavored with special mentaiko powder and freeze-dried natto. The product weighs 75 grams and is priced at 648 yen (tax included).

Mentaiko Natto Fur

ikake Nebapiriri is a new "sticky spicy" addictive flavor that perfectly matches the authentic natto flavor and spicy mentaiko! The product is made with freeze-dried ground natto, which has a unique stickiness and aroma unique to natto, and a generous amount of richly flavored Japanese Momi Nori (Momi Nori seaweed).

In addition, the seasoning liquid powder used to marinate FUKUYA's mentaiko (cod roe) is added to each sesame seed.

Fukuya "Mentaiko Natto Furikake Nebapiriri

The spiciness of the chili pepper and the flavor of the cod roe are concentrated in the seasoning liquid powder, giving the furikake an extra depth of flavor. Natto (fermented soybeans), nori (dried seaweed), and mentaiko (red sesame seeds), three ingredients that go perfectly with rice, are now available in a single bag of "Mentaiko Natto Furikake Nebapiriri".

The bright and joyful design, in which the product name is boldly placed on the front of the package and each of the ingredients used in the furikake is represented by a "character", was created by illustrator Kozy Tomato. The design has a strong impact that will make people reach for the product both at the store and at the table.