FamilyMart Kirby Campaign

FamilyMart "Kirby Campaign"

FamilyMart stores will be running the "Kirby Campaign" from September 26th, the first collaboration with Nintendo's game series "Kirby the Star". The campaign will feature collaborative products inspired by Kirby's food cravings and items that appear in the game.

Purchasers of the products will be able to receive limited original goods. Also, if you purchase "Kirby" collaboration products during the period and collect stamps on the Famima app "Famipay" to enter the contest, you will be entered into a drawing to win limited-edition goods. More details can be found on the official FamilyMart website.

Below is the lineup of collaboration products.

Shuwamoko! Kirby's apple jelly drink

FamilyMart "Shuwamoko! Kirby's apple jelly drink".

An apple-flavored jelly drink in which you can enjoy "Shuwamoco" with Kirby. There are three types of packages. The price is 298 yen (tax included).

Hungry Kirby's Apple Bread

FamilyMart "Hungry Kirby's Apple Bread

Kirby-like pink apple bread sandwiched between apple jam and apple whip. Priced at 145 yen.

Muteki Candy-like

Roll Cake

FamilyMart "Muteki Candy-like Roll Cake

Strawberry-milk flavored roll cake with an image of the power-up item "Muteki Candy". Price: 150 yen.

Kirby loves it too! Tomato bacon lettuce sandwich

FamilyMart "Kirby is also great! Tomato Bacon Lettuce Sandwich

This sandwich is inspired by the recovery item "Maxim Tomato". It contains bacon, lettuce and tomato. Price: 348 yen.

Some items may not be sold in all areas and stores.

Famima also offers the following collaborative products! Famima "Eating Masu Mochi Mochi Famima "Eating Mas Mochi Opanchu Rabbit": Set of 2 pieces: expressive "Opanchu Rabbit" and cool "Clothed Bear".