Fukuya "MEN CHEESE - Adult Flavor with Mentaiko

Fukuya sells "MEN CHEESE - Adult Flavor with Mentaiko", a bite-size authentic snack cheese made with mentaiko cod roe and seasoning liquid powder. The price is 150 yen for four 13g (0.46oz) pieces, or 540 yen for a set of three (tax included).

MEN CHEESE - Adult Flavor with Mentaiko

MEN CHEESE contains not only mentaiko grains, but also seasoning powder made from the seasoning liquid used to marinate Fukuya's mentaiko. The spiciness of chili peppers and the flavor of cod roe are concentrated in the seasoning liquid powder, and when combined with the cheese, it produces an authentic cod roe flavor that could not be achieved with mentaiko grains alone.

It can be served as it is, or with just a few simple steps, such as "just sandwiching, serving, or grilling," it can be transformed into a rich dish. It is a shortcut recipe savior that you should always have on hand in your refrigerator.

Fukuya was the first company in Japan to produce and sell mentaiko (spicy cod roe), and the authentic taste that comes from a company that has been making mentaiko for over 70 years is "tasty but spicy, and spicy so tasty. The authentic taste is "tasty but spicy, and spicy so it's tasty. The cute package design makes it an ideal souvenir as well as a snack.