Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti "Tokyo Mentai Milk Ice Cream

Tokyo Mentai Milk Ice Cream", a milk ice cream containing spicy cod roe, will be available at Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti from August 10. The price is 308 yen per unit (tax included).

Tokyo Mentai Milk Ice Cream

Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti is a spaghetti restaurant specializing in cod roe with a total of three locations in Tokyo: Minami Ikebukuro, Harajuku Omotesando, and Shibuya. The spaghetti is made by hand every day in the stores and is characterized by its homemade cod roe with a crispy texture, refreshing spiciness, and distinctive citrus flavor.

For this year's event, "Tokyo Mentaiko Milk Ice Cream" was prepared as the first original sweet. It is a new sensation of smooth, thick milk ice cream with spicy mentaiko. It was developed in search of the ideal balance between the spiciness of the spicy mentaiko and the richness of the milk ice cream.

Tokyo Mentai Milk Ice Cream will be available at all three Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti stores. For details on each store's location and hours of operation, please visit the official website.