At each FamilyMart store, "Twig-style Stick Eclair" in collaboration with Morinaga & Co. "Twig" will be on sale from November 19th. In addition, "Twig-style chocolate cake" and "Twig-style chocolate & almond crunch Danish" will be on sale at the same time. Both will be sold for a limited time.

The three products in collaboration with "Twig" express the moderate sweetness of chocolate, the aroma of almonds, and the light texture that are characteristic of "Twig".

"Twig-style stick eclair" is an eclair with chocolate custard cream in a puffed eclair dough topped with almonds and coated with chocolate. The price is 150 yen. Sold at FamilyMart stores nationwide.

"Twig-style chocolate cake" is a chocolate cake made by sprinkling almond crunch on a stick-shaped sponge cake and coating it with chocolate. It seems that you can enjoy the crunchy texture that is inspired by twigs. The price is 130 yen. Sold nationwide except stores in Hokkaido and Okinawa.

"Twig-style chocolate & almond crunch Danish" is a Danish pastry with almond crunch on top of a sweet Danish pastry with chocolate cream folded in and baked chocolate. The price is 126 yen. Sold nationwide except for stores in Hokkaido.