May 14 release】Summary of FamilyMart's new breads

FamilyMart's New Breads to be Released on May 14

FamilyMart's new breads to be released on May 14 will be introduced. The new items include "Nama-Melon Pan (Melon Whip)" and "Nogami Supervisor's Moist Whip Anpan".

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* Prices include tax
* May not be available in all stores and regions.


Pan (Melon Whip

FamilyMart "Fresh Melon Pan (Melon Whip)

A moist melon-flavored melon crust topped with fresh cream is baked and sandwiched between two layers of melon whip. Priced at 145 yen.

NoGami's Moist Whipped Anpan

FamilyMart "Nogami supervised moist whipped anpan

Moist bread kneaded with fresh cream and honey, filled with flavorful red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans and smooth whipped topping. The price is 158 yen.

Bacon Cheese Mayo Bread

FamilyMart "Dokkatto Bacon Cheese Mayo Bread

A fluffy dough topped with cheese dressing and bacon is baked into a hearty side dish. Price: 138 yen.

Tear-off Ham & Camembert

FamilyMart "Tearable Ham & Camembert

Moist dough baked with sliced ham and Camembert cheese flavor cheese cream. Priced at 158 yen. Not available in some parts of the Tohoku region.

Hamburger Fin

FamilyMart "Hamburger Muffin

Grilled patty, cheddar cheese, and pepper mayo sauce are combined in this muffin. Price: 248 yen. Not available in parts of Tohoku and Shizuoka.

Ham, egg & mixed vegetable sandwich

FamilyMart "Ham, Egg & Vegetable Mixed Sandwich

Sandwich with ham, egg, and spinach with pepper mayo sauce. Price: 278 yen. Not available in Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefectures.

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