LAWSON STORE100 "100 yen doughnut" series

LAWSON STORE100 "100-yen Doughnut" Series

A "100-yen Doughnut" series is now available at LAWSON STORE100. Five types of doughnuts will be available from November 15: Old Fashioned Doughnut (chocolate), Churrocky made with milk, Mochi Ring, Twist Sandwich (custard & whipped), and Croissant Doughnut (chocolate).

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Old Fashioned Doughnut


LAWSON STORE100 "Old fashioned doughnut (chocolate)

The classic popular Old Fashioned doughnut is finished with chocolate. Priced at 108 yen (tax included, same below).

Churroky made with milk

LAWSON STORE 100 "Chulocky with milk preparation

Churrocky made with Hokkaido milk. They have a crispy texture. Price: 108 yen.

Mochi Ring

Lawson Store 100 "Mochiling

Mochi doughnuts with a sticky texture, topped with sugar. Price: 108 yen.

Twist Sandwich (Custard & Whip

LAWSON STORE100 "Twist Sandwich (Custard & Whip)

A soft, twisted doughnut sandwiched between milk whip and custard cream and topped with chocolate. The price is 108 yen.

Croissant doughnut (chocolate)

LAWSON STORE100 "Croissant doughnut (chocolate)

Croissant dough coated with chocolate and topped with chocolate chips. The doughnut is then sprinkled with powdered sugar. The crispy texture and the crunchy texture of the chocolate chips can be enjoyed. The price is 108 yen.

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