Komeda Coffee Shop New Summer Cake

New Summer


at Komeda Coffee Shop New summer cakes will be available at Komeda Coffee Shop from June 26 to late September. Prices including tax range from 500 yen to 560 yen each (prices vary by store).

Suzumu Lemon Cheese

A cool and refreshing rare cheese cake that is eaten while frozen. The sponge base is layered with rare cheese mousse and a sauce containing lemon peel. You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of lemon and the smooth texture of cheesecake. A cool and refreshing dish perfect for hot summer days. This product is listeria-free.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Suzumu Lemon Cheese

Kaoru Black Tea Mont Blanc

A new black tea-flavored version of Komeda's cute and colonized Mont Blanc is now available. The tea cream with Earl Grey flavor is squeezed over the lightly textured cheese whipped cream and orange puree, topped with cookie crunches. The sweet and sour orange puree enhances the richness of the black tea cream. The elegant and gorgeous aroma of black tea can be enjoyed to the fullest. The cheese used in this product has been heat-treated.

Kaoru Tea Mont Blanc" at Komeda Coffee Shop

Furuuru Cheyenne Muscat Chiffon

Chiffon cake with seasonal fruit, Cheyenne Muscat. The moist and fluffy chiffon dough, the refreshing cream that is not too sweet, and the sauce on the top are all full of Shine Muscat. The fresh and fruity flavor of the muscat will fill your mouth with pleasure no matter where you eat it. This product does not contain pulp.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Fluffy Chein Muscat Chiffon

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