Komeda Coffee Shop "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet


Coffee Shop Gateau Chocolat

Floral Bouquet

I actually tried the Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet, which is available as a seasonal cake from Komeda Coffee Shop. Prices range from 480 to 540 yen (tax included), depending on the store. It will be on sale until late May.

Gateau Chocolat Floral


"Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet" is a collaboration with THE Cacao PROFESSIONALS. Floral bouquet is used in the dough, ganache and sauce. The mouth-watering chocolate dough is coated with chocolate ganache, topped with whipped cream and topped with chocolate sauce. The aroma is said to be graceful and elegant.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet
Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet

The glossy and shiny chocolate ganache is enchanting. The coating and chocolate dough are both dense and heavy, and when you put them in your mouth, you can feel the sweetness and richness of the chocolate. The chocolate is so rich! The smooth chocolate ganache is rich and satisfying even in small quantities. It goes perfectly with the moist dough.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet

Overall, the chocolate is rich and you can taste a lot of chocolate, but it is in just the right amount so it is not too much. The whipped cream gives it a different taste. This is a sweet treat to be enjoyed with coffee.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet

A must-try for chocolate lovers! Komeda "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet". It will end as soon as it is gone, so if you are interested, be sure to order as soon as possible!