Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Cakes "Subzero Chocolat", "Hohobaru Cafe Au Lait", "Kyoho Fluffy".

Seasonal cakes will be available at Komeda Coffee Shop from June 29. The lineup includes three items: "Subzero Chocolat," "Hohobaru Cafe Au Lait," and "Kyoho Fuwari."

Seasonal Cakes at Komeda Coffee Shop

Subzero Chocolat

A cool and cold chocolate cake. Layers of chocolate cream and cocoa sponge are decorated with rich chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate on the top surface. This year, the topping is accented with marshmallows. The crispy texture of the frozen sauce on the top surface is a special taste only available in summer.

Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Cake "Subzero Chocolat

Chewy Cafe Au Lait

Mont Blanc has a cute colon shape. Whipped cream is hidden inside the coffee cream. The white chocolate topping accents the taste and texture. The slightly bitter coffee cream and the refreshing whipped cream together make it taste like a café au lait.

Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Cake "Hobaru Cafe Au Lait

Kyoho Fluffy

This chiffon cake has a refreshing taste with a soft aroma of grape. Komeda's signature moist and fluffy chiffon dough kneaded with domestic grape paste is wrapped in a refreshing, not-too-sweet grape cream and topped with a bright grape sauce. The balance between the cream and chiffon dough is so addictive that you can't stop eating it.

Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Cake "Kyoho Fluffy

Prices range from 480 yen to 540 yen each (tax included). The price differs depending on the store.