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Seasonal Cakes

Komeda Coffee Shop will introduce "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet," "Coffee Shop Tiramisu," "Strawberry Rich," and "Meccha Mont Blanc" as seasonal cakes. Featuring the first collaboration with Meiji's chocolate brand "THE Cacao PROFESSIONALS" and more, they will be available at stores nationwide from February 15, 2023 to late May. Prices range from 480 to 540 yen (tax included), depending on the store.

Gateau Chocolat

Floral Bou

quet "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet" is a collaboration with THE Cacao PROFESSIONALS. Floral bouquet is used in the dough, ganache and sauce. The mouth-watering chocolate dough is coated with chocolate ganache, topped with whipped cream, and finished with chocolate sauce as topping. The top is topped with whipped cream and finished with a chocolate sauce topping.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet
Gateau Chocolat Floral Bouquet

Coffee Shop


"Coffee Shop Tiramisu" is a dish with the richness and flavor of cheese. The sponge soaked in coffee syrup is alternated with a layer of 100% Mascarpone cheese cream, which is topped with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. The light, not-too-sweet texture allows you to enjoy it all the way to the end. It is a sweet that goes well with "Komeda Blend" coffee. The cheese used is pre-heated.

Tiramisu at Coffee Shop" at Komeda Coffee Shop
Tiramisu at the Coffee Shop


"Strawberich" is a chiffon cake made with strawberries. Strawberries are used in the batter, cream, and powder. Two layers of strawberry cream are piled on top of the moist chiffon dough with strawberry syrup, which is Komeda's specialty, and topped with bright strawberry powder. The aroma and taste of sweet and sour strawberries envelops you and makes you feel spring. Seeds derived from raw materials may be included.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Strawberry Rich


Mont Blanc "Meccha Mont Blanc" is a Mont Blanc made with 100% Uji green tea produced in Kyoto. The almond sponge base is topped with a generous amount of matcha cream. The whipped cream is also hidden inside. To accentuate the texture, the top is topped with yellow chestnuts. One bite of the cake will fill your mouth with the deep flavor and aroma of matcha green tea. The cheese used is pre-heated.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Meccha Mont Blanc
Meccha Mont Blanc