Komeda Coffee Shop "Shironowar White Black Thunder" and "Shironowar Black Black Thunder

Komeda Coffee

Shop Shironoir White Black Thunder and Shironoir Black Black


will be available in limited quantities at Komeda Coffee Shop in collaboration with the popular chocolate candy "Black Thunder. The release date is October 4. The sales period is scheduled to last until the end of October (the end of sales period may vary depending on the store).

New products: A direct descent of deliciousness!

This year's new product is a collaboration with "White Black


," a limited edition souvenir from Hokkaido. White Black Thunder spread with crunchy cookies is sandwiched between two soft danish pastries and decorated with milky white Black Thunder sauce. Cocoa cookies and plain cookies are sprinkled on top of the soft cream. No matter where you eat it from, you can feel the overwhelming sense of milkiness.

Komeda White Raijin "Shiro Noir White Black Thunder

What is

White Black Thunder? White chocolate coated Black Thunder is a limited edition souvenir from Hokkaido. While maintaining the crunchy texture of Black Thunder, the rich sweetness of milk and the bitterness of the cocoa cookie provide a well-balanced taste.


Thunder "Shironoir Black Black Thunder"

The collaboration of Shironoir and Black Thunder, which was popular last year, is back. Komeda's signature Danish is sandwiched between Black Thunder spreads with a cookie texture and topped with a generous amount of Black Thunder sauce. Cocoa cookies and plain cookies are sprinkled on top to perfectly reproduce the crunchy texture that is the secret to Black Thunder's deliciousness. The sweetness of the chocolate and bitterness of the cocoa cookie go perfectly with the refreshing soft serve ice cream. The taste is truly "inazuma" level! You can enjoy the overwhelming sense of chocolate to the fullest.

Komeda Black Raijin "Shironoir Black Black Thunder

Black Thunder

is a confection consisting of cocoa biscuits and plain biscuits coated with chocolate. The bitterness of the cocoa and the sweetness of the chocolate are exquisite, and the crunchy texture is a signature product of Yuraku Seika.

Prices are as follows

Shironoir White Black Thunder: 860-920 yen / mini size 660-720 yen
Shironoir Black Black Thunder: 860-920 yen / mini size 660-720 yen

* Prices vary by store.

X (formerly Twitter) Campaign

to Commemorate Collaboration To commemorate the collaboration that has been realized once again, the "#President's Delicacy" campaign, which received many entries last year, will be conducted again this year. President Kawai of Yuraku Seika and President Amari of Komeda Coffee Shop have once again prepared generous gifts for fans of both companies. For details, please refer to the official website.

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