Noogami "grape 'raw' bread".


"grape 'raw' bread" A new product "grape 'raw' bread" will be released on May 27 at Nogami, a high-end "raw" bread specialty store, in response to customer requests. Limited quantities.



Raw" Bread Since its establishment, many people have asked for the "raw" bread with raisins that Nogami produces, and in response to their requests, the company has created Grapes "Raw" Bread with a lot of attention to detail. A generous amount of rum raisins are kneaded into the popular "Founding No-Gami" product. Rum raisins are made from grapes still on the vine, which are naturally dried over time to give them a thin skin and fresh flavor.

Noogami "grape 'raw' bread".

This luxurious grape "fresh" bread is made with plenty of large, fleshy rum raisins and accented with Hassaku peel, making it soft to the ear. It makes a perfect gift for a loved one. The alcohol content of the rum raisins evaporates with heat when the bread is baked, so you will not get drunk while eating it. However, people whose doctors forbid alcohol, people who are sensitive to alcohol, children, and pregnant or nursing mothers are advised to refrain from eating it.

Noogami "grape 'raw' bread".

[Product Information]
Product name: grape "raw" bread
Sales price: half size (1 loaf) 1,200 yen (tax included)
Sales period: May 27, 2024 - due to limited quantities, sales will end when planned quantity is sold out
Sales target stores: stores in Japan (some stores may not carry this product)

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