KALDI Coffee Farm "Summer Coffee Bag

KALDI Coffee Farm "

Summer Coffee Bag" The "Summer Coffee Bag" will be available in limited quantities at KALDI Coffee Farm on July 1. The bags come in two colors, silver and blue.

Summer Coffee


A freshly colored drawstring bag containing the No. 1 popular deep roasted summer coffee "Ice Blend," a refreshing medium roasted coffee "Good Summer Coffee," and a full-flavored sweet medium roasted coffee "Brazilian Sweet Espresso. The bag has a convenient pocket on the front and a cool mesh material on the back, and is available in two colors: silver and blue.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Summer Coffee Bag

Product Overview】
Product Name: Original Summer Coffee Bag
Price: 1,900 yen (tax included)
Contents: Original Coffee Bean Iced Blend (200g (7.05oz)), Original Coffee Bean Good Summer Coffee (120g (4.23oz)), Original Coffee Bean Brazil Sweet Espresso (120g (4.23oz)), Original Bag (Size approx. 27.5 cm (length) x 32 cm (width) x 22.5 cm (bottom diameter), 42 cm (handle))
Release date: July 1, 2024

* Each person can purchase up to 5 of each color
* Products in this project are available in bean and powder (medium grind)
* Products are limited and will end when all are gone
* Product prices and contents, The price, contents, and design of the products are subject to change.
* Product availability may vary by store.

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