Komeda Coffee Shop "Shironoir Tenku no Matcha", "Kroneige Tenku no Matcha", "Jericho Tenku no Matcha".

Tenku no Matcha" Menu at Kom

eda Coffee Shop Three products using "Tenku no Matcha" will be available at Komeda Coffee Shop from June 5 to early July. The lineup includes Shironoir Tenku no Matcha, Cronège Tenku no Matcha, and Jericho Tenku no Matcha.

Shironoir Tenku no Maccha:

A soft-serve ice cream topped with brown sugar and kinako (soybean flour). The matcha sauce is characterized by its elegant flavor and bitterness, which is complemented by the rich sweetness of the kuromitsu and the savory aroma of the soybean flour. This dish offers the full appeal of matcha in the sky. Prices range from 850 yen to 910 yen, mini-size from 650 yen to 710 yen (tax included, same below).

Komeda Coffee Shop "Shironoir: Matcha Green Tea in the Sky

Kroneige Tenku no Matcha

: Warm cocoa baumkuchen with matcha sauce made from Tenku no Matcha, covered with molasses and soybean flour. The matcha sauce, vanilla soft serve ice cream, and molten brown sugar meld together and envelop the slightly bitter cocoa baumkuchen. You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of Japanese and Western flavors. Prices range from 700 yen to 760 yen.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Cronage: Matcha in the Sky

Jericho Tenku no Matcha

A mellow matcha drink combining homemade coffee jelly with a liquid made from Tenku no Matcha and fresh high milk fat. Finished with whipped cream topped with molasses and soybean flour. Coffee jelly and matcha green tea, bittersweet things that go well together. Prices range from 660 yen to 900 yen.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho: Matcha in the Sky

What is Matcha in the Sky

? Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the leading tea-producing areas in Japan. However, the number of farmers growing tea is decreasing every year. Tenku no Matcha" was born from the idea of "preserving the pride and dignity of tea farmers by enhancing the brand value of Shizuoka Prefecture's matcha and spreading it throughout the world.

Tencha, the raw material for Tenku no Matcha, is grown in the mountainous areas of Shizuoka Prefecture, where the tea leaves are covered with a black cover to prevent them from being exposed to sunlight for a certain period of time in order to increase the flavor of the tea. The matcha of the sky cultivated with great care is characterized by the refined bitterness of the tea leaves with a full flavor and sweetness, and its presence stands out when combined with desserts and beverages.

The soft-serve ice cream of "Shironoir Tenku no Matcha (including mini size)" and "Cronège Tenku no Matcha" cannot be changed to whipped cream.
* The whipped cream of "Jericho Tenku no Matcha" cannot be changed to soft-serve ice cream.
* "Jericho Tenku no Matcha" is a product with sweetened flavor.
* Tenku no Matcha is a registered trademark of Seiichi Oyaizu Shoten Co.

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