Lawson's new sweets and breads

Lawson's New Sweets and Breads to be Released on May 21

Lawson's new sweets and breads to be released on May 21 will be introduced here. The new items include "Matcha Eclair" and "Thick Smooth Custard Pudding".

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* Prices include tax
* May not be available at all stores or in all areas

Thick egg custard eclair

LAWSON "Thick egg custard eclair

Eclair with bitter chocolate and rich, smooth custard. Priced at 200 yen.

Matcha green tea eclair

Lawson "Omatcha Eclair" (green powdered tea eclair)

Eclair made with savory dough and filled with matcha cream and matcha sauce made with Uji matcha green tea. Price: 200 yen.

Vanilla-scented chunky pudding with espresso car

LAWSON "Vanilla-scented chunky pudding - espresso caramelized

A chunky pudding accented with espresso caramel. Price: 243 yen.


and Smooth Custard Pudding

Lawson "Thick Smooth Custard Pudding

A custard pudding with a smooth texture and the taste of eggs and cream. Price: 221 yen.

Uchi Cafe 100% Fruit Juice Fruit Bar Grape

LAWSON "Uchicaffe 100% Fruit Juice Fruit Bar Grape".

An ice cream bar containing 100% grape juice with a fresh, juicy fruit juice flavor. Priced at 149 yen.

Tokachi Butter and Egg French Toast

LAWSON "Tokachi Butter and Eggs on Ujyuwa French Toast" (Japanese only)

You can enjoy the flavor of butter and eggs in this deliciously juicy French toast. Price: 149 yen.

Condensed Milk Snack Sticks (6 pieces)

LAWSON "Condensed Milk Snack Sticks 6 pcs.

Snack sticks flavored with condensed milk to enjoy as a snack. Price: 117 yen.


Chip Snacks 6-pack

Lawson "Chocolate Chip Snacks, 6-pack

Chocolate chip snacks that can be enjoyed as a snack. Price: 117 yen.


egg sandwich

Lawson "Thick-baked egg sandwich

Thick-baked egg sandwich with broth. Accented with mustard and mayonnaise. Price: 354 yen.

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