Bikkuri Donkey's "Gulliver Burg Dish"

At the hamburger restaurant Bikkuri Donkey, "Gulliver Burg Dish" and "Gulliver Burg Steak" using the popular 400g (14.11oz) hamburger "Gulliver Burg" will be on sale from September 25th to November 17th. In addition, "Surprised Strawberry Milk" is also available.

"Gulliver Burg Dish" and "Gulliver Burg Steak" use "Gulliver Burg", which is the largest on the Bikkuri Donkey menu. This menu is surprisingly large and recommended for those who want to enjoy the autumn of appetite to their heart's content.

Bikkuri Donkey's "Gulliver Burg Dish"

"Gulliver Burg Dish" is a one-plate style with hamburger steak, rice and salad on one plate. "Gulliver burger steak" is served on an iron plate with hamburger and garnish. A To go menu is also available this year.

Bikkuri Donkey's "Gulliver Burg Dish"

In the in-store food and drink, you can enjoy 400g (14.11oz) of hamburger steak with a free "taste change set". A set of spicy "white pepper", "habanero sauce" for those who want to add spiciness, "grated cheese" that can be enjoyed in an Italian style, and "additional hamburger sauce" recommended for those who want to thoroughly taste hamburger steak. You can also arrange your own "Gulliver Burg" by combining it with the regular topping menu.

Bikkuri Donkey "Taste Change Set"

"Surprised Strawberry Milk" is a dynamic drink menu with a height of about 25 cm. Hokkaido soft serve ice cream is placed on the top.

Bikkuri Donkey "Bikkuri Strawberry Milk"

Prices are as follows (depending on region and store). 10% midnight charge will be added for orders placed after 22:00. Some products are not available at some stores.

Prices for Bikkuri Donkey "Gulliver Burg Dish"