Joint sake spirit "Tantakatan Jin"
Craft gin with red perilla from Tantakatan!

Craft gin "TAN / TAKA / TAN GIN" will be on sale from the joint sake spirit "Tantakatan" brand on November 26th. Contains red perilla and 5 types of botanicals.

Joint sake spirit "Tantakatan Jin"
Left: Tantakatan Gin, Right: Tantakatan (Shiso Shochu)

In addition to the red perilla from Shiranuka-cho, Hokkaido, which is used in the shiso shochu "Tantakatan", it contains licorice root, angelica root, juniper berry, coriander seed, and orange peel.

Joint sake spirit "Tantakatan Jin"

Craft gin, which is produced at the Asahikawa Factory of Joint Sake Sei, from dipping, distillation, blending, and packing of ingredients, is characterized by the refreshing flavor of red perilla and the delicate taste of botanicals. The compatibility with Japanese food such as sushi, tempura, and sukiyaki is emphasized.

While using a square bottle for the package, it has a tantakatan feel. The label design incorporates a map of Hokkaido and a product logo, which can be used as a gift for Christmas or the end of the year.

The alcohol content is 37%, and the reference retail price is 3,200 yen (excluding tax). It is a year-round product, but the number is limited because it is produced in small lots.