Gashapon "Kirishima Shochu Miniature Collection" from Bandai
(Image taken from the official website)

Gashapon "Kirishima Shochu Miniature Collection" will be released by Bandai. The price is 300 yen (including tax) per one time. Contents are random.

Kirishima Shochu Miniature Collection

Kirishima Shochu has been made into cute miniatures. Each comes with a glass, pot, etc. There are 5 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows.

White Kirishima (with pot)
Kurokirishima (with a glass for soda)
Akagirishima (with a glass on the rocks)
Akanekirishima (with soda glass)
Akanekirishima (with a glass of soda), Torafurakirishima (with a glass on the rocks)

The "Kirishima Shochu Miniature Collection" would make a great gift for shochu lovers, or you can display them side by side with other figures you have. Why not give it a try when you see it?