Aohata 55 "Strawberry & Raspberry

Aohata 55 Strawberry

& Raspberry "Strawberry & Raspberry" low-sugar jam from the "Aohata 55" series is now available. Seasonal only for fall and winter. Shipments will begin on August 17. It will be available from August 17 and will be priced at 281 yen (tax included) for 150 grams.

Aohata 55" is a series that has long been supported as a standard jam. The lineup includes nine products, including popular fruits such as strawberry and orange marmalade, as well as mixed jams. Seasonal products are released for a limited time under the theme of "enjoying the season.

The "Strawberry & Raspberry" was released in 2022 and was so well received by customers that they said, "I really want this to be a regular item," and "It's so delicious, I want to buy it in bulk," so it will be released again in 2023.

Strawberry & R

aspberry By combining raspberries with strawberries, the sweet and sour aromatic flavor can be enjoyed. Therefore, when combined with vanilla ice cream and other sweets, the sweet and sour flavor of the jam is enhanced. Sugar content 42 degrees.