Ginza KOJI CORNER "Benihoppe Strawberry Chocolate Tart" and "KOJI PRINCESS (Strawberry & Chocolate)

Ginza Kozy Corner "Red Hoppe Strawberry Chocolate Tart"

and "Kozy Princess (


& Chocolate)" Strawberry & chocolate sweets "Red Hoppe Strawberry Chocolate Tart" and "Kozy Princess (Strawberry & Chocolate)" will be on sale from January 27 (Fri) to around March 1 (Wed) at Ginza Kozy Corner fresh cake stores. The rich taste of these tarts will be on sale from Friday, January 27 to Wednesday, March 1.

It is the season to miss the rich taste of chocolate. The richness of cacao and the sweetness of strawberries are in perfect harmony with each other.

Red Hoppe Strawberry Chocolate Tart

A seasonal tart that allows you to enjoy the luscious harmony between the brightly sweet and fragrant "Red Hoppe" strawberries and chocolate. The cocoa tart is layered with strawberry and raspberry jam and chocolate custard, and topped with Red Hoppe strawberries. The mellow and rich flavor of the chocolate harmonizes with the sweet strawberries. Priced at 637 yen (tax included).

Ginza Kozy Corner "Benihoppe Strawberry Chocolate Tart

Cosy Princess (Strawberry & Chocolate)

Seasonal petit decorated cake with gorgeous sweet and fragrant strawberries "Benihoppe", chocolate cream, and gold dust. Strawberry and raspberry jam and strawberry chocolate cream are sandwiched between fluffy cocoa sponge. The mild chocolate cream matches the sweetness of the berries. Recommended for Valentine's Day or as a treat for yourself. The price is 626 yen (tax included).

Ginza KOJI CORNER "KOJI PRINCESS (Strawberry & Chocolate)

There are no fresh cake stores in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Ehime, and Kochi prefectures.