Spring Limited "Butter Whipped Chocolate Sandwich Strawberry" Butter States by Silver Grape

Butter States by Gin no Budou

Butter Wh

ip Chocolat Sandwich


Butter States by Gin no Budou is selling "Butter Whip Chocolat Sandwich Strawberry" for a limited time only. 1,155 yen for a pack of 5 pieces (tax included, same below) or 1,836 yen for a pack of 8 pieces. The product will be on sale until around April 10.

Butter States by Gin no Budou" is a butter sweets specialty store that was established in April 2021. The shop produces a variety of butter sweets, including its signature cookie "Butter States," baked with Hokkaido butter kneaded to the utmost limit.

Butter Whip Chocolat Sandwich


"Butter Whip Chocolat Sandwich Strawberry" is a new spring limited edition from "Butter States by Gin no Budou". This is the third in the "Butter Whip Chocolat Sandwich" series, which sold 50,000 units within two weeks of its release. The "Butter x Chocolat" concept, created by a store specializing in butter sweets, delivers a fresh springtime and mouth-watering chocolatey experience. It is also an ideal gift for White Day.

First is the "Butter Whipped Chocolat" with its cute plump appearance. It has a smooth texture that makes it feel as if the richness is melting away. The thick slice of "Strawberry Chocolat" is mixed with blackcurrant and raspberry as a secret ingredient, and the refreshing sweet and sour taste of the three kinds of berries is perfect for the spring mood.

To top it off, a crispy and light "butter sablé" sandwiched between two large pieces! A very gourmet "strawberry sweet" is now complete. Enjoy the unique taste of butter and strawberries.