Kappa Ebisen" renewed for the first time in three years

Calbee Kappa Eb



Calbee will be selling a renewed version of its long-selling product "Kappa Ebisen", which was created in 1964 and is well known for its "I can't stop, I can't stop! The renewal is the first in three years, and the product will be switched over sequentially starting in May. The price is open to the public.


Ebi Sen, launched in 1964, was inspired by the childhood favorite of Calbee's founder (Takashi Matsuo), "Kakiage (deep fried river shrimp). After repeated trial and error, a product with a good flavor and calcium intake was created by using fresh whole wild shrimp in their shells. It has become a long-selling product that remains popular to this day.

This time, the product has been renewed for the first time in three years in pursuit of a "can't stop, can't stop" taste, while maintaining the well-loved flavor. The new product is characterized by its light, crispy, mouth-watering texture, which is unique to Kappa Ebisen. The new product has a "can't stop, can't stop" taste that will keep you coming back for more.

The package has been redesigned with a larger illustration of the "Kappa Ebiie" character in the lower right corner to make it more fun to eat. The new packaging clearly shows the renewed point of the product, which is the increased crunchiness, at a glance. The new package is designed to be enjoyed by both children and adults.