FamilyMart: "That and that in a Famichiki?"

FamilyMart "That and That too in a Famichiki?

A campaign to commemorate the 2 billionth serving of Famichiki sold at FamilyMart stores will be held from September 12, 2012. will be held at FamilyMart stores from September 12. A series of Famichiki collaboration products, from confectionaries to boxed lunches and convenience ware, will be introduced. In addition, the very popular "Famichiki (dashi umami soy sauce)" from the past Famichiki flavors will make a comeback.

In addition, a "Famichiki Jumbo" campaign will be held in which customers who spend more than 700 yen will win a total of 200 million yen worth of Famichiki.


Collaboration Product Examples

Famichiki (

Dashi Umami Soy Sauce)
FamilyMart "Famichiki (dashi umami soy sauce)

The "most desired flavor" chosen by 10,000 Famichiki lovers, "Dashi Umami Soy Sauce," is back on the market for the first time since it was first released in 2016. The flavor is a rich Japanese taste of soy sauce sauce sauce made with hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking rice wine) and dashi (Japanese soup stock). The price is 240 yen (tax included).

Famichiki x Tartar Chicken Donburi with Fried Cabbage (Curry Flavor

FamilyMart "Famichiki x Tartar Chicken Bowl with Fried Cabbage (Curry Flavor)

A whole Famichiki is used. The special tartar sauce and Worcestershire sauce are combined with the tasty taste of the Famichiki. The curry-flavored cabbage stir-fry accentuates the taste. The price is 598 yen.

Famichiki x Chicken Burger (Aurora Sauce

FamilyMart "Famichiki x Chicken Burger (Aurora Sauce)

A simple combination that enhances the taste of the Famichiki. Aurora sauce is used, which goes well with the spicy flavor of the Famichiki. Price: 398 yen.


Chips Famichiki Flavor

FamilyMart "Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor

Potato chips that are inspired by the taste of Famichiki. The juicy taste of chicken and the spice flavor that spreads on the palate make them taste just like Famichiki. The price is 186 yen.

The lineup also includes "Line Socks Famichiki," "Imabari Towel Handkerchief Famichiki," "Wearable Famichiki Boa Blouson," and "Original Smart Phone Case.

Famichiki Jumbo" Campaign

FamilyMart "Famichiki Jumbo" campaign

To commemorate the 2 billionth serving of Famichiki, a "Famichiki Jumbo" campaign will be held in which customers who spend more than 700 yen will win a total of 200 million yen worth of Famichiki. The campaign period is from September 12, 0:00 to October 2, 23:59. Tickets will be issued for three weeks from September 12 to October 2. The exchange period is four weeks, from September 12 to October 9.


"Famichiki" was created in 2006 as a "boneless fried chicken" that could be easily eaten in one hand, when "bone-in" fried chicken was the norm. The "rhinoceros" part of the chicken thigh, which at the time was a rare part of fried chicken, is used. The bonelessness of the chicken, the crispy texture of the batter, and the tender and juicy flavor of the chicken meat overflowing with juices have been well-received, and the total number of servings sold has exceeded 2 billion. The product has now become the top-selling hot snack product among all FamilyMart products in terms of sales volume.