Calbee "Zesshin Kappa Ebisen - salt and fried garlic flavored from the Sea of Gotoh

Zesshin Kappa Ebisen Goto-nada no Shio to Aged Garlic Flavor" from Calbee's long-selling "Kappa Ebisen" snack series will be available at convenience stores from June 20. Other stores will begin selling the product on July 4. The product has a content of 60g (2.12oz) and an estimated price of around 130 yen (tax included).

Zesshin Kappa Ebisen Goto-nada no Shio to Aged Garlic Flavor

This flavor is made with a combination of ingredients that are suitable as snacks for alcoholic beverages. It was introduced in the past as a limited time offer and was well received, so it is being sold again as a regular flavor.

The dough is larger and firmer than regular Kappa Ebisen and has a stronger shrimp flavor. 52% of the salt used is Goto-nada salt to enhance the shrimp flavor, and fried garlic is also used to meet the increasing demand for home drinking.

The packaging is a simple black and yellow design with the series name "Zaishin" logo prominently displayed in the center, creating a sense of quality. The release date may be delayed slightly depending on the retailer. Some stores may not carry the product or may be sold out of the product.