"Kappa Ebisen French Salad Flavor" for a limited time

From Calbee's "Kappa Ebisen" series, which is familiar with "I can't stop, I can't stop", a new product "Kappa Ebisen French Salad Flavor" will be released on May 17th, where you can enjoy a refreshing taste that is perfect for early summer. For a limited time. The content is 70g (2.47oz), and the estimated price is around 130 yen (tax included).

"French Salad Flavor" first appeared in 1986 as the first replacement product of "Kappa Ebisen". "Kappa Ebisen" is a product inspired by Calbee's founder (Takashi Matsuo), who loved "Kakiage of shrimp" in his childhood.

The sour "French salad taste" was born because it is delicious when citrus fruits are squeezed into the "kakiage of shrimp" which can be said to be the origin. It features a crispy and light texture using a thinner dough than regular products. This year, in order to express the taste more like a French salad, a new flavor of flavored vegetables has been added, and the refreshing acidity of onions and other flavors is perfect for early summer.