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Ebisen French Salad


Calbee's well-known "Kappa Ebisen" with its "Can't Stop, Can't Stop" concept will release "Kappa Ebisen French Salad Flavor" with a refreshing flavor of savory vegetables. Kappa Ebisen French Salad Flavor will be available at convenience stores from April 17 for a limited time. The product will go on sale at nonconvenience stores on May 8 and will be discontinued in late August. The product weighs 64g (2.26oz) and will be sold at an estimated price of around 145 yen (tax included).

Kappa Ebisen French

Salad Flavor "French Salad Flavor" was first introduced in 1986 as the first Kappa Ebisen with a different flavor. Kappa Ebisen was inspired by the childhood favorite of Calbee's founder (Takashi Matsuo), "Kakiage (deep fried river shrimp). The "French Salad Flavor" with a sour taste was born from the delicious taste of "Kakiage" with a squeeze of citrus fruit. The French Salad flavor is made with a thinner dough than the regular product, giving it a light and crispy texture.

This year, the dough has been renewed to make it even lighter and more melt-in-your-mouth, and the seasoning has been adjusted so that the same moderately sour and refreshing taste of French salad can be enjoyed. Kappa Ebiie is featured on the packaging so that not only those who enjoy the refreshing taste but also children can enjoy it. The refreshing sour taste is perfect for early summer with a lingering aftertaste.