Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".



Chocolates is selling a new product from Tyrol Chocolates, "Heisei Tyrol," containing 8 pieces per bag, at an estimated price of 140 yen (tax included).

The assortment of Chi-roll

Chocolates reproduces the popular sweets of each era,

allowing customers to enjoy two different flavors in one bag. In addition to the flavors, the designs symbolize the era, and are sure to spark conversation, with comments such as "This is nostalgic" and "This was popular in the past, wasn't it? This fun product is a great opportunity for communication across generations.

Heisei Tyrol

: A product inspired by the Heisei Era (1989-2019), featuring a recreation of tiramisu, which was popular around 1990, and tapioca milk tea, a drink symbolic of the Heisei Era. The design of the Heisei style decoration and words that were popular mainly among young people such as "Nakako" and "Tehepero" are scattered throughout the product. Personally, I think the sock touch is too emo. ......

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".


"Tiramisu" represents tiramisu in both appearance and taste by sandwiching cocoa powder between cheese chocolates and combining coffee chocolates on top. When you put it in your mouth, you can clearly taste the bitterness of the coffee chocolate, followed by the richness and mildness of the cheese chocolate. The cocoa powder flavor also adds to the taste, and it is amazing! This is definitely tiramisu! Even the "smoothness" that remains after eating is reproduced. It is a piece with a mature taste.

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".



Tea "Tapioca Milk Tea" is a milk tea flavored chocolate made from Indian tea leaves with sticky tapioca flavored gummies. It is no exaggeration to say that "tapioca milk tea" is a representative food of the Heisei era. The image of this tea is that of a sweet, gutsy treat, and it has been recreated in the form of Tyrol Chocolate. The milk tea flavor can be felt in the chocolate. The gummy texture also has a tapioca feel to it.

Heisei Chiroroku" offers flavors that bring back memories of the Heisei era. It is a great way to reminisce while looking at the items depicted on the package.