Chirorucoco "Saichi no Ohagi Chocolate [Bag]".

Chirorucoco Saichi no Ohagi Chocolate [Bag]

"Saichi no Ohagi Chocolate [Bag]" will be sold by Chirorucoco. This is a new chirole chocolate product made in collaboration with the famous "Akiu Ohagi Honpo Saichi" ohagi store. It will go on sale sequentially at 7-ELEVEN, York-Benimaru, and Ito-Yokado stores in the Tohoku region. The release date is April 28. The price is 345 yen (including tax).


's Ohagi Chocolate (bag)

The supermarket "Akiu Ohagi Honpo Saichi" is said to be the best ohagi seller in Japan, with people from all over the country as well as local residents standing in line every day to buy their ohagi. The signature product is the "o-hagi," a sweet bean paste with a nostalgic flavor that can be eaten over and over again.

The azuki bean flavored chocolate with a salty aftertaste is filled with azuki bean flavored sauce and small rice cake gummy bears to recreate a slightly sweet and salty o-hagi. The package features the trademark "Akiu no Ohagi" logo on the front.

Some stores do not carry this product. Sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.