Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

Reiwa Chocolates Reiwa Ch

ocolates I actually purchased and tried a new product from Chirole Chocolates, "Reiwa Chocolates," which contains 8 pieces per bag and is expected to sell for 140 yen (tax included).

The assortment of

chirole chocolates reproduces the sweets popular in each era,

with each bag containing two different flavors. In addition to the taste, the designs symbolize the era, and are sure to spark conversation, with comments such as "This is nostalgic" and "This was popular in the past, wasn't it? This fun product is a great opportunity for communication across generations.


- A product inspired by the current 2021 era. You can enjoy the explosive popularity of Maritozzo, which is still fresh in our memories, and pistachio, which is still booming. The packaging depicts the "Amabie" that has become a hot topic on social networking sites, as well as "Guess Only Wins" and "Handy Fun".

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole


"Pistachio" is a pistachio cream wrapped in pistachio-flavored chocolate. The crushed pistachios give it a crunchy texture. The pistachio cream has a mild sweetness and a rich, savory pistachio flavor. The crunchy texture is a nice accent. The chocolate is smooth and soft, so you can enjoy the feeling of eating a pistachio-flavored sweet.


"Maritozzo" is a melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream flavored chocolate sandwiched between brioche flavored chocolate with a light and refreshing orange flavor. The orange flavor is stronger than expected! The more you bite into it, the stronger the fresh citrus flavor becomes. The rich, crème-flavored chocolate is a perfect match.

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

The package and flavor of the "Reiwa" chocolate "Reiwa Chiroru". Maritotsuo and pistachio lovers should check it out!