Tyrol Chocolate "Chiikawa BOX" from Famima.

Famima Chiroruco Cheeky BOX Family

Mart will sell the new Chiroruco Cheeky BOX at FamilyMart, containing 14 pieces per box (Bis, Coffee Nougat, Almond, Pudding, Hotcake, Melon Pan, and Mikan Jelly: 2 pieces each). The release date is May 9. The price is 298 yen (tax included). Some stores may not carry the product. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.

Chiroruco Cheeky Box

: Chiroruco Chocolate in collaboration with "Cheeky," a cartoon work by illustrator Nagano. There are a total of three types of outer packaging (Chii-Kawa ver/Hachiware ver/Usagi ver; the contents are the same for all three types). In addition to the three popular flavors of Tyrol Chocolate (coffee nougat, biscuit, and almond), there are a total of seven other flavors that appear in the film: pudding, pancake, melon bread, and mandarin orange jelly.

Tyrol Chocolate "Chiikawa BOX" from Famima.

The individual wrappers, which depict the characters, come in seven varieties to match the flavors! The cute illustrations on the backs are also noteworthy.

Chiirokawa fans can't miss out on the Famima "Chiirokawa Chocolate Chiirokawa BOX". Be sure to check it out!