Tyrol Chocolate "Showa Tyrol", "Heisei Tyrol", "2025 Tyrol".

Showa Tyrol,

Heisei Tyrol,

and 2019 Tyrol New products from Tyrol Chocolate "Showa Tyrol," "Heisei Tyrol," and "2019 Tyrol" will go on sale nationwide on April 10, 2010. 8 pieces per bag at an estimated price of 140 yen (including tax).

These assortment-type

chocolates reproduce the sweets that were popular in each era

, allowing customers to enjoy two different flavors in one bag. In addition to the flavors, the designs symbolize the era, and are sure to spark conversation, with comments such as, "This is nostalgic," and "This was popular in the past, wasn't it? It is a fun product that will trigger communication across generations.

Showa Tyrol

: A product inspired by the Showa period (1926-1989), this product reproduces popular coffee shop menu items such as cream soda and pudding, which were popular during the coffee shop boom around 1970. The retro design includes a Showa-esque black telephone.

Tyrol Chocolate "Showa Tyrol".

The cream soda contains melon soda flavored chocolate, popsicle, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla ice cream flavored chocolate. The crackling candy gives the drink a "sizzling" sensation, while the vanilla ice cream replicates the smoothness of the melon soda.

Tyrol Chocolate "Showa Tyrol".

The "pudding" expresses a familiar taste with its understated custardiness. The pudding is made with a high-viscosity pudding-flavor sauce, which can be used to create a smooth pudding at room temperature or a hard pudding when cooled.

Tyrol Chocolate "Showa Tyrol".

Heisei Tirol

: A product inspired by the Heisei Era (1989-2019), featuring a recreation of tiramisu, which was popular around 1990, and tapioca milk tea, a drink that symbolizes the Heisei Era. The design of the decorations is typical of the Heisei era, and words that were popular among young people, such as "Nakako" and "Tehepero," are sprinkled throughout the product.

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".

The "Tiramisu" drink is made with cocoa powder sandwiched between cheese chocolates and topped with coffee chocolates, creating the look and taste of tiramisu. The taste and appearance of the tiramisu is a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".

The "Tapioca Milk Tea" is a milk tea flavored chocolate made from Indian tea leaves and filled with sticky tapioca flavored gummies.

Tyrol Chocolate "Heisei Tyrol".



A product inspired by the current 2021 era. Two varieties are available: the explosively popular Maritozzo, which is still fresh in our minds, and pistachio, which is still booming.

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

The Maritozzo is a melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream flavored chocolate sandwiched between a refreshing brioche flavored chocolate with a hint of orange flavor.

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

The Pistachio is a pistachio cream covered in pistachio-flavored chocolate. The "Pistachio" is a pistachio cream wrapped in pistachio-flavored chocolate, with crushed pistachios for a crunchy texture.

Chirole Chocolate "2021 Chirole

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