Sushiro "Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan

Sushiro Pancetta Bro

ccoli Gunkan The 106th item in our series of articles introducing "secret specialties" is the Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan served at Sushiro. It is a creative sushi dish that can be eaten like a salad. The price is 150 yen (tax included, price varies by store).



Gunkan "Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan" is a creative sushi that can be eaten like a salad, using pancetta, which is salted with sun-dried salt to extract the flavor of the meat, and mixed with boiled broccoli.

Sushiro "Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan

Once you try this gunkan, you will definitely want to order it again! The resilient pancetta is plump, and the more you bite into it, the more flavorful and salty it becomes. The addition of the moderately firm broccoli and the mildness and richness of the mayonnaise makes for an addictive taste.

The pancetta is also very tasty! The unique texture and saltiness will make you fall in love with it. We recommend that you eat it as it is without soy sauce! It also goes perfectly with sake.

Sushiro "Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan

Try Sushiro's "Pancetta Broccoli Gunkan" for yourself. You will be hooked!