Sakiyo-ken "Hinamatsuri Lunchbox
Dolls' Festival Lunch

Saki Yoken Hinamatsuri Bento

Hinamatsuri Bento will be available from Saki Yoken starting February 15, 2023 at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo, and will be delivered on March 1-3. In addition, over-the-counter sales without reservations will be available at some stores in Kanagawa from March 1 to 3, and at some stores in Tokyo on March 3 only. The price is 1,350 yen (tax included).


(topped with vinegared shrimp, tobiko, seasoned shiitake mushrooms, yama-seri, pickled lotus root, and broiled egg) is the main dish. The sushi rice is mixed with shiitake mushrooms and kanpyo (dried gourd), and topped with shrimp, tobiko, yama-seri (Japanese parsley), and nishiki-in (broiled egg) to create a gorgeous appearance.

The "Shrimp Aroma Deep Fried in Shiso-flavored Batter", three bite-size "Traditional Shiomai" with pork and dried scallops, "Crab-stuffed Tsumire with Yuba Ankake" with red snow crab and elegant yuba ankake, "Herring" suitable for celebratory occasions, "Kombu-maki" with kelp, and "Harusame-zame" with kelp. Kombu-maki (kelp roll)", "Kinchaku-ni-ni-ni with vermicelli", and "Carrot-ni-ni", which are suitable for festive occasions, are included.

Sakiyo-ken "Hinamatsuri bento" package
Hinamatsuri Lunchbox" package

Also included are "Komatsuna and raw sweet potato konnyaku", which is a colorful and dashi broth with a rich dressing of komatsuna, raw sweet potato konnyaku, and carrot, as well as "Sanshoku dango", a lovely bite-sized dumpling with the image of a water chestnut mochi, featuring different flavors of white (white bean paste) and peach (cherry bean paste). The package also includes a lovely bite-sized "sanshoku dango," which is reminiscent of water chestnuts.