Kappa Sushi "Tuna Yukke and Takuan Maki with a lot of yanka

Kappa Sushi will sell the "Tuna Yukke and Takuan Maki no Dotsuari Yanchazari" as the 8th "Yanchazari Project" of the Serious Sushi Series from July 1 to July 7 (except at some restaurants). The price is 330 yen (tax included).

Tuna Yukke and takuan maki no dotsuri yanchadzaka (Tuna Yukke and takuan maki no dotsuri yanchadzaka)

The key point of this time's promotion is the multiple layers of piling up! You can enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. In-store eating and drinking only (no take-out).

Kappa Sushi "Tuna Yukke and Takuan Maki with a lot of yanka

The first tier is a "naughty project" featuring "takuan maki," which is not on the regular menu. The flavor of the shiso leaves and the crispy texture of the takuan are a classic.

The mayonnaise on the second layer is the perfect combination of all the ingredients. It goes perfectly with the rice.

The third tier, tuna yukke, is a unique dish made from the popular "tuna" cut in the restaurant and dressed with yukke sauce and sesame oil. It is served on a large platter, covering as much as possible. The aroma of the fragrant sesame oil and the spicy sauce are a perfect match for the tuna, making for an addictive taste.

The fourth tier is the store's in-house fried tenkasu, which was renewed in March 2021 and has a crispier texture. The texture as well as the subtle saltiness are addictive points. It is recommended to eat the tenkasu on the plate while dipping it generously into the takuan roll.

The fifth layer is a spring onion with a crunchy and flavorful accent, and the sixth layer is sesame seeds with a rich aroma that pops out.