Kurazushi "Freshly Made Series

On July 8, Kurazushi will launch the "Dekitate Series," a lineup of 19 high-quality, high-value-added products that focus on freshly prepared food.

Freshly Made Series

The "Freshly Made Series" has been newly developed to provide the deliciousness that can only be found in the restaurant. All stores (except for the Binario Umeda and Suzurandai stores) have introduced a unique order lane that delivers products upon receipt of an order via a high-speed conveyor belt, making it possible to offer a wide variety of "freshly made sushi" at the best time to eat.

Order Lane at Kura Sushi

Freshly rolled" sushi, such as temaki with crispy nori, "freshly seared" sushi with an appetizing aroma, "freshly fried" sushi with hot and crispy ingredients, and "freshly cooked" sushi with more generous portions than conventional products are available. ldquo; "Freshly Cooked", which offers a more luxurious taste than conventional products, and 19 products in four types. Each is priced at 220 yen. Prices differ in some stores.

Freshly rolled] Kaisenzakari Temakizushi (one package)

Kurazushi's [freshly rolled] seafood platter Temakimaki (one roll)

Freshly rolled] Negimagi Tuna Temaki

Kurazushi's [freshly rolled] Negi-Maguro Temaki (Consistency)

Freshly rolled] Yuzu pickled tuna hand-rolled sushi.

Kurazushi's [Freshly Rolled] Yuzu Pickled Tuna Temaki (Consistency)

Freshly rolled] Sea food sea urchin Temaki

Kurazushi's [Freshly Rolled] Seafood Sea Urchin Temaki (Consistency)

Freshly rolled and deep-fried] Shrimp tempura Temaki

Shrimp tempura Temaki (freshly rolled and deep-fried) at Kurazushi.

Freshly rolled and deep-fried] Shrimp and squid tempura Temaki.

Shrimp and squid tempura Temakimaki (freshly rolled and deep-fried) at Kurazushi.

Freshly Fried] Squid Tempura Nigiri

Kurazushi's [Freshly Fried] Ika-ten Nigiri

The above 7 items are not available for take-out.

Freshly rolled] Salmon roe gunkan

Kurazushi's [Freshly Rolled] Plenty of Salmon Roe Gunkan (Gunkan with Salmon Roe)

Freshly seared salmon with cheese

Kurazushi's [Freshly Seared] W Cheese Salmon

Freshly Seared W Cheese Shrimp Mayo

Kurazushi's [Aburitate] W Cheese Shrimp Mayo

Freshly seared] W Cheese Pork Kalbi

Kurazushi's [Freshly Seared] W Cheese Pork Kalbi

Freshly Seared W Cheese Shrimp

Kurazushi's [Freshly Seared] W Cheese Shrimp

Freshly made] Shrimp avocado

Kura Sushi's [freshly made] Shrimp Avocado

Freshly made salmon avocado

Kurazushi's [Freshly Made] Salmon Avocado

Freshly made] Big sliced aged tuna

Kurazushi's [Freshly Crafted] Large-size, Premium-aged Tuna

Freshly made] Big slice, aged to perfection, marinated tuna

Kurazushi's [Freshly Crafted] Large-size, Premium-aged, Marinated Tuna

Freshly Cured] Big Hamachi

Kurazushi's [freshly made] Large-sized Hamachi

Freshly made] Large-sized Bottle Chop Red Meat

Kurazushi's [freshly made] Large-size Bottle Chop Red Meat

Freshly made] Big slice Bottle chopped red meat

Kurazushi's [freshly made] Large-sized pickled albacore red meat