Mos Burger "Soy Sea Burger -Soy Sea Fish Style Fries


Burger "Soi Sea Burger - Soi no Osakana-Style Fried Fish" Mos Burger will sell "Soi Sea Burger - Soi no Osakana-Style Fried Fish" made from soy protein-based fish substitute from Friday, March 24 to mid-July (except at some stores). The price is 490 yen (tax included).

Soi Sea Burger - Soi no Osakana-Style Fried Fish -

A plant-based version of one of the company's most popular products, the fish burger. Both the original fish-style portion and tartar sauce contain no animal derivatives (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.) as ingredients.

The fish-style portion is made primarily from soy protein. In order to reproduce the flavor, break-apart texture, and fibrous feel similar to white fish, the vegetable protein used was carefully selected and kneaded. The batter was also carefully adjusted to maintain its crispiness over time.

The tartar sauce is egg-free and plant-based. Instead of using eggs, cooking oil is used to recreate a richness and flavor comparable to that of eggs. It is served in a separate sachet, so you can adjust the amount to your liking.

The green bun is used to symbolize the green burger. Soy milk cream is added in a buttery consistency to create a moist texture, and spinach puree is kneaded into the bun to give it a slight vegetable sweetness.

The production plants of each ingredient produce products that contain animal ingredients.
In stores, animal ingredients and cooking equipment are shared.
Five kinds of vegetables with strong smells (leeks, cayenne, chives, garlic, and onions), which are forbidden in Buddhism and other religions, are used in this product.
Some ingredients other than vegetables and grains are used as secondary ingredients.
This is not a low-allergen menu.
For details on contamination, please check the allergy information on the official website.