Sushiro "Tokusara Festival

Sushiro Tokusara Matsuri

Sushiro will hold "Tokusara Matsuri" from March 15 (Wed) to April 2 (Sun).



The "Tokusara Matsuri" is a fair featuring Sushiro's most affordable yellow plates, but also featuring "Tokusara" products that are more than just a little overpriced. This fair is held in the hope that people will enjoy the best products and gorgeous fish at a reasonable price. The yellow plates are priced at 120 yen/130 yen/150 yen (pricing differs depending on the restaurant).

Sockeye Salmon Salmon roe

Rich flavor made from high-quality roe of natural sockeye salmon. Total 3.69 million servings planned to be sold.

Sushiro "Sockeye Salmon Salmon Roe".

Natural tuna

wrapped in Negitoro (tuna wrapped in negi tuna)

You can enjoy the delicious taste of natural tuna with excellent fat content. Total sales: 1.01 million servings. When you take it home, you will receive one piece of the gunkan.

Sushiro "Natural Tuna wrapped in Negitoro (Negitro)

Ookoriri-Seared Toro Salmon

: The fatty fatty part of the

Toro Sal

mon is used. The salmon is cut into large pieces in the restaurant, giving customers a satisfying experience that only large pieces can provide. The total number of servings is 1,430,000.

Sushiro "Ookiri-Seared Toro Salmon

Mara Flavor Red Shrimp Deep Fried with

Green Onion

The popular "Mara Flavor Red Shrimp Deep Fried with Green Onion" has appeared as a reprinted item each time it has been sold. This product has sold a total of more than 20 million servings and has many fans among Sushiro staff. The plump red shrimp and fragrant deep-fried green onions are perfectly matched with a special Chinese-style mara sauce. A total of 2.18 million servings are expected to be sold.

Sushiro "Mara flavored deep-fried red shrimp with green onion

Other "special dishes" include "Seared Char Siew with Negimare", "Wild Buri in Sesame Soy Sauce", "Shrimp Salad", and many more.

Sushiro "Aburi-Chashu Negimakomare" (Seared Chashu Negimakomare)

Sales may be suspended or cancelled, or the number of dishes sold may vary, depending on availability.
Sales may continue after the end of the period until the total number of items sold reaches the planned number.
The price of take-out order includes the cost of the container.
Some to-go orders may be available only by reservation on the day of purchase.
Not available at "Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", which specialize in take-out.