Demel, "Sour Cookies."
sour cookie

Demel Sour Cook

ies DEMEL will introduce a new baked good "Sour Cookies". They will be available at department stores nationwide and at the official online store from early March 2023. The price is 1,188 yen for a pack of 15 cookies (tax included, same below) and 2,376 yen for a pack of 30 cookies.

The salted flavor is characterized by a rich aroma and full-bodied taste with cheese, spices, and herbs in a subtly sweet flavor. The assortment includes three flavors: "Onion Pepper," "Tomato Basil," and "Smoked Cheese." The crispy texture and deep, unique flavor are also recommended as a good match with sake.

Demel "Sour Cookies" 15 pieces
15 sheets

Demel "Sour Cookies" 30pcs.
30 sheets



"Onion Pepper" is characterized by the sweet and savory taste of fried onions and the spiciness of black pepper.



"Tomato Basil" is characterized by the richness of dried tomatoes with concentrated flavor and Edam cheese, as well as a refreshing basil aroma.


Cheese "Smoked Cheese" is a cookie with a deep flavor of smoked cheese and soft aroma of caraway seeds.


is a long-established confectioner in Vienna, Austria, with a 230-year history and the coat of arms of the Habsburgs, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire, as its brand mark. The brand is known for its elegant taste and beautiful, romantic packaging.