Top's "HITOTSUGI Spring Basket
HITOTSUGI Spring Basket (Image source: Top's official website)


Spring Basket Top's announced on its official website that it will introduce a spring baked goods assortment, "HITOTSUGI Spring Basket", which will be available from February 28, 2023. The price is 1,188 yen (tax included).

The spring

baked goods assortment

includes: "Cookie (Black Tea)," a bag of crispy, tea-scented, bite-sized cookies; "Tigre (Cherry Blossom)," a moist baked dough with cherry leaves kneaded into it, and cherry chocolate; and "Crunch Chocolate (Strawberry)," a crunchy, sweet-sour, strawberry-flavored cookie. Crunch Chocolate (Strawberry). Packaged in a colorful flower-patterned basket, they are perfect for small gifts. Details are as follows

Cookies (black tea) x 1 bag (60g (2.12oz))
・ Tigre (cherry blossom) x 2
・ Crunch Chocolate (strawberry) x 4

Calories per 100g (3.53oz): 541kcal for cookies (black tea), 407kcal for Tigre (cherry blossom), 504 kcal.

Available at restaurants, cafes, and cake stores nationwide. The selection varies from store to store. For more information, contact the store directly.