KINOKUNIYA new products summary!

Available at

stores including International

and online stores Here is a summary of new products introduced at Supermarket KINOKUNIYA. Available at KINOKUNIYA International (Aoyama Store) and other stores and online stores (varies depending on the product).

The lineup includes a variety of carefully selected apple pies, Japanese sweets, breads, and prepared foods. Also available are sweet bags perfect for gift-giving, cold bags that can be put together, drawstring bags, and more.

Some items, such as limited-time-only items, are no longer available.
Prices include tax.

Apple Pie

The American-style apple pie features Japanese Fuji apples in abundance and a mellow aroma of Hokkaido butter in the pie crust. The sweet and sour apples with a hint of cinnamon go perfectly with the slightly salty pie crust, a traditional taste that has been passed down since 1959.


The price is 972 yen for size 5. Size 6 (1,242 yen) is available at some stores. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores and online.

Sweets Pouch

The pouches come in six colors: gray, orange, purple, turquoise, beige, and pink. Inside the pouch is a 30g (1.06oz) baked sweet "Double Chocolate Cookie" and one each of "Financier" and "Baumkuchen (chocolate)".


The price is 1,080 yen. Pre-sold at the online store and available at each store from February 1 as soon as they arrive.

Strawberry Sweets

Bag This sweets bag is designed in the image of pale pink and bright red strawberries. Assorted strawberry-flavored tiramisu chocolate, strawberry-flavored waffles, strawberry-flavored special cookies, and strawberry-flavored eating candy (kotohana).

KINOKUNIYA "Strawberry Sweets Bag

The price is 1,549 yen. The product will be on sale from January 20 to early March. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores and online.

Galette des Rois (Pithivier)

: Richly layered, crispy round pie crust filled with homemade almond cream with a mellow buttery aroma. The pie crust is filled with drench cherries instead of china (china is not included). Small, edible size.

KINOKUNIYA "Galette des Rois (Pitivier)

Sold until January 31. Price: ¥648. Not available at the online store.


New Year Happy Bag (official online store only

) Assorted food and goods popular at KINOKUNIYA. Price is 2,800 yen (including delivery charge).

KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag (official online store only)

・ Houkodo Coffee drip pack x1
・ Rayu Senbei x1
・ Soy Milk Donut x1
・ Castella (Green Tea) x1
・ Slide Zipper Bag (M) x1
・ Suica no Penguin Zipper Bag x1
Cotton tote bag x 1
・ [Novelty] Card-type alcohol spray x 1


New Year Happy Bag (store exclusive

) Sold at KINOKUNIYA stores (except some stores). Price is 1,944 yen. On sale for the first time in January 2023.

KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag (store exclusive sales)

・ Geisha Blend x 1
・ Rayu Senbei x 1
・ Soy Milk Donut x 1
・ Castella (Matcha) x 1
・ Slide Zipper Bag (M), Cotton Tote Bag x 1
・ [Novelty] Card-type alcohol spray & times ;1

KINOKUNIYA New Year's gift bag (1) with original bag

, priced at 5,400 yen. Handled at International (Aoyama store), Kunitachi, Todoroki, Kichijoji, Kamakura, and Hiratsuka stores as well as online store. The sales date at the stores is December 29.

KINOKUNIYA New Year's gift bag (1) in original bag

・ Rayu Senbei (rice crackers)
・ Nureyaki Sen
・ Smoked Combination Nuts
・ Ehime Iyokan Butter
・ Japanese Carrot Dressing
・ Mushroom Curry
・ Soy Milk Donuts
・ Organic Drip Coffee Original Blend
・ Gateau Chocolate Maccha
・ Color Eco Special Bag (Light Green & times;pink)

KINOKUNIYA New Year's gift bag (2) with original bag

Price: 11,000 yen. Handled at International (Aoyama store), Kunitachi, Todoroki, Kichijoji, Kamakura, and Hiratsuka stores in addition to the online store. The release date at the stores is December 29.

KINOKUNIYA New Year's gift bag (2) in original bag

・ Butter Chicken Curry Sen
・ Corn Dressing
・ Curry Pistachio
・ Beef Curry
・ Organic Maple Syrup
・ Kumamoto Blueberry Butter
・ Pancake Mix
・ Anko Okaki
・ Supai Yawaraka Niboshi
・ Chocolate Milk and Dark
・ Frescobaldi EXV Olive Oil Raudemio
・ Geisha Blend
・ Color Eco Special Bag (light gray and brown)

KINOKUNIYA New Year's Bag (3) with Original Bag

Price: 33,000 yen. Handled at International (Aoyama store), Kunitachi, Todoroki, Kichijoji, Kamakura, and Hiratsuka stores in addition to the online store. The sales date at the stores is December 29.

KINOKUNIYA New Year's gift bag (3) in original bag

・ Grilled Eel Dashi
・ Japanese Quail Egg Seasoned with Smoked Flavor
・ 8 Kinds of Colorful Okaki Selections
・ Black Beef Curry
・ Shijimi clam soup
・ Butter Chicken Curry Soramame
・ GOYA Organic EXV Olive Oil
・ Beef Tsukudani
・ Luxury Egg Dripping Truffle Soy Sauce
・ Single Malt Whiskey Yamazaki
Nicolas Fiat Grand Reserve
・ ALL Domestic Cassis Jam
・ Fukuoka Amao Strawberry Butter
・ Potage Corn
・ Large Nut Mix for Tokute
・ Amendoro Honey Potato Toffee
・ Scallops
・ Tiramisu Chocolate Assortment
・ New Pocketable Bag (Gray)
Color Eco Special Bag (Gray x Burgundy)

Hand Drawstring

This bag was commercialized from the voice of "I want only a drawstring for sweets bags (baked goods). With an inner pocket, it can be used in a variety of situations.

KINOKUNIYA "Handbag Drawstring

The color lineup includes (body x handle) glaze x navy / yellow x gray / gray x yellow / lavender x gray / peacock x beige / bright pink x pink / green& times; moss green / red x beige / gray x pink / black x metal.

Priced at 660 yen; on sale December 21. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores and online.

Tiramisu Coffee Pudding

This new December sweet combines coffee-flavored pudding, sponge dough, and mascarpone cream. The coffee pudding is made with KINOKUNIYA's iced coffee. The sponge dough soaked with bittersweet coffee and the smooth mascarpone cream are exquisitely sweet.

KINOKUNIYA "Tiramisu Coffee Pudding

The price is 410 yen. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores.

Stollen with

pouch (plain

) Stollen with an image of fluffy white snow. Stollen with rum raisins, dates, orange peel, and marzipan.

KINOKUNIYA "Stollen with pouch (plain)

Price: 1,950 yen. Sold exclusively at the online store.

Stollen with

pouch (chocolate

) Rich chocolate, rum-scented dried fruits, and savory macadamia nuts. The back of the pouch has an illustration of the Stollen pattern.

KINOKUNIYA "Stollen with pouch (chocolate)

Price: 1,950 yen. Sold exclusively through the online store.



The popular "Christmas sweets bag" and Christmas sweets from around the world are on sale. Available at the online store and KINOKUNIYA stores.

Christmas Sweets

Bag (Snow Globe

) This set is popular every year. Mini gingermans, a tree, and strawberry cookies are packed in a Christmas-colored bag.

KINOKUNIYA "Christmas Sweets Bag (Snow Globe)

Priced at 1,576 yen; on sale November 19.

Christmas Mini Sweets Bag

Red mini sweets bag with tree-shaped cookies and baumkuchen. Recommended for Christmas party favors.

KINOKUNIYA "Christmas Mini Sweets Bag

Priced at 745 yen; on sale November 19.

Holiday Cookie Party

An assortment of cute KINOKUNIYA homemade die-cut cookies. The assortment includes four plain and four cocoa-flavored "mini gingerbreads" and four "Christmas Island salt cookies," for a total of 12 cookies.

KINOKUNIYA "Holiday Cookie Party

Priced at 540 yen, the assortment will go on sale on November 19.

Christmas Island Salt Cookies


) "Christmas Island Salt Cookies (Tree)" 5-pack set. The slightly salty taste is addictive.

KINOKUNIYA "Christmas Island Salt Cookies (Tree)

Priced at 378 yen.

Mini Ginger

Man Cook

ies "Mini Ginger Man Cookies" are only available in sets of 6.

KINOKUNIYA "Mini Gingerbread Cookies

Priced at 378 yen.

Marzipan Stollen (1/2


Chocolate Stollen (1/2

) A traditional German baked good essential for Christmas. Enjoy the flavor that deepens as the days go by.

KINOKUNIYA "Marzipan Stollen" and "Chocolate Stollen

Priced at 1,296 yen for the Marzipan Stollen and 1,404 yen for the Chocolate Stollen.

Christmas Panettone

: A traditional pastry representative of Italy. The rich flavor of raisins and dried fruits soaked in liqueur can be enjoyed.

KINOKUNIYA "Christmas Panettone

Priced at 864 yen; on sale December 1.

Dundee Cake

: A fruit cake from the Dundee region of Scotland. It is a traditional Christmas cake filled with raisins and orange peel.


Priced at 810 yen; on sale December 1.


A traditional pastry from the Alsace region of France. You can enjoy the rich taste of dried fruits such as pears soaked in kirsch and filled with nuts.

KINOKUNIYA "Bellavecca

Priced at 1,512 yen; on sale December 1.

Christmas Pudding

A traditional English Christmas pastry. The cake is filled with dried figs, dried prunes, raisins, dates and nuts.

KINOKUNIYA "Christmas Pudding

Priced at 1,188 yen, it goes on sale December 1.

Halloween Sweets

In time for the Halloween season, the lineup includes pumpkin, bat, and black cat sweets. Available at the online store on September 20 and in stores on September 22.

Halloween Mini Sweets Bag

This annual assortment features cute black cats and ghosts molded into the bags. The bags can be used to hold small sundries around the kitchen, or after eating, the bags can be used as a small container. Price: 745 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Halloween Mini Sweets Bag

Halloween Sweets Bag

A drawstring bag containing four kinds of sweets, including pumpkin-shaped cookies and baumkuchen. There are two types of patterns: Jack Witch and Jack Witch. Price: 1,598 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Halloween Sweets Bag

Halloween Cookie Assortment

An assortment of three types of cookies: pumpkin-flavored "Pumpkin," purple sweet potato-flavored "Witch's Hat," and plain "Star. You can enjoy putting the hat on the pumpkin or sprinkling stars on it. Price: 540 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Halloween Cookie Assortment

Happy Halloween Cookies

Pumpkin, ghost, and bat cookies wrapped in limited Halloween packaging. Price: 345 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Happy Halloween Cookies

Bat Cookies 8 cookies in a pack.

Bat-shaped cookies with buttery plain dough and bittersweet cocoa dough. The slightly thicker dough has a crispy texture. The price is 388 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Bat Cookies 8pcs.

Kinmitsu imo no monblanc

: Smooth texture baked sweet potato pudding layered with baked sweet potato whipped cream with sweet potato red bean paste, topped with diced baked sweet potato. The contrast of textures can be enjoyed with the aroma of sweet potatoes spreading softly.

KINOKUNIYA "Kinmitsu sweet potato Mont Blanc

Priced at 410 yen, it will go on sale on October 1. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores.

Kinmitsu Imo Pie

This pie is filled with sweet potatoes and was developed based on KINOKUNIYA Apple Pie, a very popular long-selling product that has been made for over half a century. The pie is filled with a paste made from baked sweet potatoes cut into large pieces with the skin still on, and wrapped in a crisp, moist pie crust so that you can enjoy all the sweetness and flavor of the sweet potatoes, even the skin. You can enjoy the sweetness of sweet potatoes and the savory flavor of the pie.

KINOKUNIYA "Kinmitsu sweet potato pie

Priced at 918 yen for size 5 and 302 yen per piece, the pie will go on sale on October 1. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores.

Compact Cooling Bag

This original bag is convenient for both daily shopping and camping. The attached elastic wraps the bag into a compact package, making it easy to carry around in a bag without making it bulky. There is a mesh pocket for holding cooling agents and a zipper on the top.

KINOKUNIYA "Collective Cold Storage Bag

・ Yellow and navy
・ Orange and cream yellow
・ Khaki and cream
・ Gray and light pink
・ Sky green and water blue
・ Sky blue and white
・ Navy and yellow Green lame
・ Purple and lilac
・ Peach and cherry red lame
・ Black and silver lame
・ Black and water blue
・ Blue and pink purple
・ Light gray and silver lame
・ Light purple& times;purple
・ Light blue and silver lame
・ Light beige and brown
・ Light mint and ice green
・ Red and navy
・ Rose pink and glaze
・ Wine red and brown lame

Price: 1, 210 yen. Color range differs depending on the store.

Anmitsu Pudding

A collaboration of the Japanese and Western styles of "An-Pudding," a smooth, refreshingly sweet "An-Pudding" and "Anmitsu," made with agar and Gyuhi from the long-established "Sanukiya" restaurant. The Anmitsu is made with Tokachi azuki bean paste, Kanoko, and Japanese summer oranges.

KINOKUNIYA "Anmitsu Pudding

Price: 399 yen. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores.

Color Mini Sweets Bag (Lemon Color)

The popular mini sweets bag is now available in a limited quantity in a summery lemon color. The bag contains a brownie (1), an icebox cookie (1), and a special cookie (30g (1.06oz)).

KINOKUNIYA "Color Mini Sweets Bag (Lemon Color)

The price is 680 yen. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores from June 22 (release date varies by store).

Lemon Sweets

Bag A bright yellow bag filled with sweets is a limited edition sweet bag available only during this season. The bag contains "Setouchi Lemon Pound Cake" with a good balance of sourness and sweetness, and two kinds of cookies, "Salted Lemon Cookies" and "Special Black Tea Cookies".

KINOKUNIYA "Lemon Sweets Bag

The price is 1,458 yen. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores and online.

The application period for the

summer gift

is from June 10 to July 24 (until July 15 for various products shipped directly from the production area). Accepted at some stores and online store.

Okayama Prefecture Drink Julep Assortment

: A smooth julep made by mashing the pulp of fruits produced in Okayama Prefecture. The assortment includes "Shimizu Hakuto," "Okayama Yellow Peach," "New Pione," and "Shine Muscat" flavors. The price is 3,456 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Okayama Prefecture drinking gelée assortment

Sweets Selection

: A set of four different kinds of puddings: KINOKUNIYA Chocolate Pudding, Mango Pudding, Uji Green Tea and Mascarpone Pudding, and Hokkaido Azuki Bean and Sea Salt Water Yokan. The price is 3,780 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Sweets Selection

Kyoto Honkuzu Ice Set

: Popsicles handmade with Yoshino-honkuzu (kuzu) and Kyoto's famous water. By eating it after melting it a little, you can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The price is 5,500 yen (direct from the production area including delivery charge).

KINOKUNIYA "Kyoto, Honkuzu Ice Set

Okayama Hakuho

(white peaches) from Imai Orchard in Okayama Prefecture. Price: 9,180 yen (direct from production area including delivery charge).

KINOKUNIYA "Okayama Imai Orchard Okayama White Peaches

Seasonal White Fish (Sashimi) Set

Fresh fish selected by KINOKUNIYA buyers. The fish arrives at the Toyosu Market in a live state and is thinly sliced and shipped the same day. Available in-store only, priced at 6,480 yen (direct from the producing region, including delivery charge).

KINOKUNIYA "Seasonal White Fish (Sashimi) Set


Delicatessen Assortment

KINOKUNIYA's homemade charcuterie, which utilizes techniques learned from a chef with the highest honor in French cuisine, the M.F.O. (Master Chef de France). The price is 4,104 yen.

KINOKUNIYA Delicatessen assortment

Kyoto Fair

will be held from June 10 to June 19. The fair will be held from June 10 to 19 at some stores.

Wako, Kyoto-Fushimi Warabimochi (3 pieces):

A product kneaded with Japanese strawbeech flour. It is characterized by its elasticity and unique stickiness. Price: 648 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Wako Kyoto Fushimi Warabimochi (3 pieces)

Goken Gairoya Minazuki (230g (8.11oz))

Mizunazuki is a summer sweet in Kyoto. The mochi mochi ukiro (sticky rice cake) is sprinkled with sweetened azuki beans and has a simple, refreshingly sweet taste. The price is 648 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Goken Gairoya Minazuki (230g)

Fuka Lemon Fu Manju (5 pieces):

The refreshing juice and rind of Japanese lemons are mixed into the dough and red bean paste, resulting in a mochi-like texture and aromatic cool taste. Limited quantity, priced at 1,250 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "fujia lemon fu manju (5 pieces)


Taiwanese Castella Cake, made in Kyoto,

is a daily favorite at KINOKUNIYA's JR Kyoto Isetan store. Available in limited quantities only at the International (Aoyama), Kunitachi, Todoroki, Kichijoji, and Kamakura stores. Price: 972 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Kyo-tailored Taiwanese sponge cake

Kyo-style oyako-don with a melt-in-your-mouth half-boiled egg and Tanba-red chicken

. The moist Tanba-red chicken and Kujo leeks mix well with the sweet egg. Price: 590 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Kyo-style oyakodon with thickly-sliced half-boiled egg and Tanba-red chicken

Demonstration Sales by Kyoto

Sesame Special

ty Store Yamada Seiyu Demonstration sales by Kyoto sesame specialty store Yamada Seiyu will be held at the Aoyama Store from June 10 to 14 and at the Todoroki Store from June 15 to 19. Visitors can purchase ground sesame seeds that have been grinded on the spot.

Demonstration sales of Kyoto sesame specialty store "Yamada Seiyu" at KINOKUNIYA

Setouchi Lemon Pie

An American pie with kneaded pie dough, baked with Setouchi lemon cream and filling in homemade pie dough. The buttery pie crust is a perfect match for the tartness of Setouchi lemons. Priced at 270 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Setouchi Lemon Pie


Lemon Pie (No. 5)

A homemade pie dough with lemon cream mixed with Setouchi lemon rind and coconut, and a Setouchi lemon filling, baked to perfection. You can enjoy the tartness of Setouchi lemons and the texture of coconut. Price: 864 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Setouchi Lemon Pie (No.5)

Croissant Roll (Setouchi Lemon)

This bread has a fresh lemon flavor and a gentle sweetness. Homemade croissant dough is rolled with lemon cream mixed with Setouchi lemon rind and baked. Price: 313 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Croissant Roll (Setouchi Lemon)

Mochi Mochi Bread with Setouchi Lemon

The lemon zest and coconut are kneaded into the dough to give this bread an addictive lemon aroma and sticky texture. The price is 313 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Setouchi Lemon Mochimochi Bread

Grapefruit Jelly

: Crushed transparent jelly with grapefruit pulp, made to look like sparkling jewels. Three layers of transparent jelly, ruby grapefruit jelly, and white grapefruit jelly.

KINOKUNIYA "Grapefruit Jelly

Priced at 280 yen, it will go on sale on June 1. Available at KINOKUNIYA stores.

Mini Mini Bag

KINOKUNIYA's original bag is now available in a mini mini size. The bag comes with a carabiner and can be attached to the handle of the regular-sized original bag. Available in beige, gray, pink, red, and blue.

KINOKUNIYA "Original Mini Mini Bag

The price is 770 yen. Available at the online store and Daimaru Tokyo Store.

Refreshing Gazpacho with Ripe Tomatoes and Summer Ve

getables This summer vegetable gazpacho is based on ripe tomatoes, with rock salt and cumin added to bring out the sweetness, freshness, and deep richness of the tomatoes. Topped with grilled summer vegetables and croutons.

KINOKUNIYA "Refreshing Gazpacho with Ripe Tomatoes and Summer Vegetables

Priced at 430 yen; on sale May 1.

Cold cappellini with tomatoes spreading their deliciousness

Topped with homemade semi-dried tomatoes such as piccola rouge, which has a strong sweetness. This cold cappellini has the flavor and fresh sweetness of tomatoes and the aroma of basil and olives. The topping of black olives is also exquisite.

KINOKUNIYA "Cold cappellini with tomato flavor

Priced at 572 yen; on sale May 1.

Penne Arrabbiata

with Summer Vegetables Enjoy the richness and flavor of tomatoes in this arrabbiata with summer vegetables and homemade bacon. The large zucchini and bell peppers make it a satisfying dish.

KINOKUNIYA "Penne Arabiata with Summer Vegetables

Priced at 538 yen; on sale May 1.

KINOKUNIYA's Smooth Mango Pudding

A homemade sweet with rich mango and smooth pudding. You can enjoy the juicy taste of mango.

KINOKUNIYA's Smooth Mango Pudding

Priced at 367 yen; on sale May 1.

Banana Seasonal Bread

Developed to allow customers to enjoy a variety of banana flavors by considering the ingredients to be combined with bananas for each product. Products differ depending on the store.

Choco Banana Pie

A homemade kneaded pie dough filled with banana custard cream and chocolate. The combination of the sweetness of chocolate and banana makes it a perfect snack. Price: 270 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Choco Banana Pie

Croissant Roll (Coconut Banana

) Banana cream with coconut is rolled into homemade croissant dough and baked. The flavor of banana and the texture of coconut make this an addictive dish. Price: 313 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Croissant Roll (Coconut Banana)

Walnut Banana Bread

Pound cake with sweet banana flavor and savory walnut texture. 5 pieces. Price: 367 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Walnut Banana Bread

Banana and Cinnamon Mochi Bread

A new addition to the popular Mochi Bread lineup. The sweetness of the banana and the cinnamon flavor are enhanced by the sticky texture of this addictive bread. The price is 313 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Banana and cinnamon sticky buns".

Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding

: A scene of cherry blossom petals floating on the surface of water is expressed in jelly. The three layers of cherry blossom jelly, milk pudding, and green tea bean paste are accented with exquisite flavor.

KINOKUNIYA "Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding

The price is 367 yen. On sale from March 1 to April 15.

Spring Anpan Set

: A set of three types of small anpan, "Yomogi Anpan", "Sakura Anpan", and "Ogura Anpan", which give a sense of spring.

KINOKUNIYA "Spring Anpan Set

The price is 345 yen. Available from March 1 to May 31.

Spring Cabbage Cheese Cream Farfalle

Pale light green spring cabbage and brightly colored prawns create a spring-like atmosphere. The sweetness of the spring cabbage and the umami of the cheese and homemade bacon are a perfect match. The pasta is accented with pretty ribbons shaped like butterflies.

KINOKUNIYA "Cheese cream farfalle with spring cabbage

The price is 583 yen. On sale from March 1 to April 30.


Sweets SAKURA sweets that remind us of the arrival of spring will be available on February 16 (some products will be on sale on February 1). Some products can also be purchased from the online store.


AG A popular mini-sweets bag featuring spring-only cherry blossom cookies, coconut and apricot sable-bran cookies, and matcha-flavored baumkuchen. Price: 1,458 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Sakura Sweets Bag

SAKURA Cookies

A set of slightly cherry blossom-flavored cookies and salt cookies molded from cherry blossoms. 8 cookies, 302 yen; 24 cookies, 734 yen.



EETS BAG A cute sized mini sweet bag containing three types of baked sweets: the ever-popular special cookies, icebox cookies, and brownies. Priced at 680 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Color Mini Sweets Bag

Heart Cook

ies Assorted heart cookies (strawberry) and heart cookies (cocoa) with strawberry paste. Price: 324 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Heart Cookie