Tokyo Station Captain Sweet Burger

Tokyo Station Captain'

s Sweets Burger The new Captain's Sweets Burger brand has evolved from the " My Captain Cheese TOKYO" that was previously introduced in En-En-Koku. It is a brand of sweets that are so generous in volume that they overflow. We have pursued a combination that maximizes the deliciousness of the ingredients.

This time, we purchased "Yawaraka Burger Caramel Chocolat Flavor" and "Strawberry Burger". I actually tried them!

Captain Sweets Burger "Strawberry Burger" and "Cheese Chocolate Burger"

Yawaraka Burger Caramel

Chocolat Fl

avor A sweet burger with a raw texture created from the softest cocoa soft cookie possible. The burgers come in packs of three and are priced at 648 yen (tax included, same below).

Captain Sweet Burger "Yawaraka Burger Caramel Chocolat Flavor"

The theme of the Yawaraka Burger Caramel Chocolat Flavor is "surprisingly moist and soft," and the burger has been created with a focus on not only volume but also texture. First of all, the box is adorable! It makes you feel as if you are taking out a hamburger from a fast food restaurant.

Captain Sweet Burger "Yawaraka Burger Caramel Chocolat Flavor"

The "W caramel" sandwich consists of a large caramel chocolat that sticks out and a smooth caramel whipped chocolat. The moist cocoa soft cookie crumbles when you bite into it. The caramel chocolate inside is also soft and has a "light" texture. The caramel chocolate inside is soft and "light" in texture, with just the right amount of saltiness and the richness of the caramel spreading out. The slight bitterness is also a nice touch.



Strawberry chocolate kneaded with sweet and sour strawberries. The price is 594 yen for a pack of 3.

Captain Sweets Burger "Strawberry Burger"

From the moment you open the package, the sweet and sour aroma of strawberries fills the air! The thick bun cookie is crispy. The whipped chocolate and strawberry chocolate combine to create a taste like strawberry milk. The key point is that the strawberry chocolate is slightly sour. Sweet and sour and addictive!

Captain Sweets Burger "Strawberry Burger"

The Captain's Sweets Burger "Strawberry Burger" and "Cheese Chocolate Burger" are perfect as souvenirs or as a treat for yourself. Enjoy these delicious sweet burgers!