Toraya's special order "Rabbit Manjuu
bun with a rabbit pattern

Toraya announced on its official website that "Rabbit


" from Toraya will be available at some direct sales stores on March 15, 2023. The buns will be packaged in a decorative box with two red and two white buns, and priced at 1,188 yen per box (tax included, the same below).


cute rabbit-shaped red and white confections

are sold at the Akasaka store and some directly-managed stores on the 15th of every month as a special order. On March 15, a cute red and white bun in the shape of a rabbit called "Usagi Manju" will be available.

Rabbits are believed to bring good luck because of their fertility. The cute red and white buns are suitable as a gift for celebratory occasions. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the Japanese yam used as an ingredient in the Japanese yam, Tororojo-manju. The white skin contains gozen-an (koshian) bean paste, while the red skin contains ogura-an (sweet bean paste).

Available at the Akasaka store, Tokyo Midtown store, Imperial Hotel store, TORAYA TOKYO, and Nihonbashi store. The sales will end as soon as they are gone due to the limited quantities.