TORAYA TOKYO "Marron Manju" and "Dorayaki Chestnut
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TOKYO "Marron Manju" and "Dorayaki Chestnut"

TORAYA TOKYO will start selling "Marron Manju (Gozen-an with butter and Western chestnuts)" and "Dorayaki Chestnut" on October 1 for a limited time. Both are available in limited quantities.


Manju (G

ozen-an with butter and Western chestnuts)
TORAYA TOKYO "Marron Manju" and "Dorayaki Chestnut

A Paris-born bun filled with honey-soaked Western chestnuts, Western chestnut paste, and butter mixed with koshi-an (sweet red bean paste), this bun will be on sale from October 1 to November 30. The price is 594 yen per piece (tax included). This product will replace the "Earl Grey Manju". The "Earl Grey Manju" will be on sale again from December 1.

Dorayaki Chestnut

TORAYA TOKYO "Dorayaki Chestnut

In order to make the product more nostalgic and seasonal, the chestnut bean paste is made using "koromoguri (chestnuts boiled in astringent chestnut skin)" to harmonize the chestnut's original astringency and flavor with the koshi-an (sweet bean paste), and is combined with the dorayaki skin. The name "koromoguri" comes from the fact that the chestnuts have an astringent skin, which expresses the state of chestnuts dressed in a kimono (robe).

The new product replaces the "Dorayaki Shiro Ogura" and will be sold on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from October 1 to October 31 (the "Dorayaki Ogura" will be sold on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays). The price is 400 yen per piece (tax included). The "Dorayaki Shiro Ogura" will be on sale again from November 1.

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