Two Japanese confectionery stores in Okazaki, Ieyasu's birthplace, offer new products named after the line "Wait for me, white rabbit.

Taiga Drama: White Rabbit Wagashi

Two wagashi shops in Okazaki City will release new products named after the line "Wait for me, Takechiyo... my white rabbit" broadcasted in the first episode of NHK's Taiga Drama "What to do, Ieyasu". The products will be released by Ono Tamagawa-do and Omiya Honpo.

Ono Tamagawa-do will start selling "Wait for me, my white rabbit" containing "five" grated yam buns from January 14. The set includes one rabbit in the image of Lord Ieyasu and four rabbits of his retainers.

Omiya Honpo will start selling "Ore no Shiro Usagi (My White Rabbit)," a fluffy white rabbit that is inspired by the dialogue, and a "New Year Kamigashi Set" that includes it from January 9, 2012.

The package contains one package designed to resemble the armor worn by


Motoyasu (later Tokugawa Ieyasu, Matsumoto Jun) in the drama, and inside is a steamed bun filled with sweet bean paste. Taking a cue from the episode of Ieyasu fleeing back to Hamamatsu Castle while leaking feces during the Battle of Mikagahara, the craftsmen chose to use granulated red bean paste that retains the shape of azuki beans, which resemble rabbit feces.

Wait for me, my white rabbit.

The packages (four) with a white rabbit design, which resembles a vassal, are buns with koshi-an (sweetened red bean paste). From the brand "antabe," which focuses on the fact that younger people are turning away from Japanese confectionaries, this product is an arrangement of "Meika Usashiri Manju," a bun with a rabbit-loving designer, arranged to the specifications of the Taiga River. Priced at 2,000 yen (tax included, same below), reservations can be made for one box or more. To make a reservation, call at least 3 days in advance. Limited quantities.

Ore no Shirousagi (White Rabbit)

New Year's Kamigashi set

: A Japanese confectionary in the shape of a white rabbit, inspired by a famous line from the first episode of the historical drama. The outside has a glutinous udo skin and the inside is white bean paste. All of them are handmade and very soft, so each rabbit has a different expression. The product is both "fugakawa" (ugly) and delicious.

New Year Fresh Sweets Set

Ore no Shirouto is priced at 248 yen per piece, and the New Year Kamigamisetsu set includes 9 different types of Kamigamisetsu for 2,570 yen each. Reservations are accepted from one piece. Reservations can be made for one piece or more, or by phone on the same day.